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My Family!

About Me


Lover of light, nature, coffee, and Jesus. 

Married in 2001, to my best friend John and we have two amazing daughters, Anna and Lily. 

Started this photography adventure in 2006.

Based in MESA, Arizona + travel back to MN/WI. 

We came to Arizona on vacation in Jan of 2019 and our family felt called to move here.  Most people thought we were absolutely nuts!  At some points through the journey, I also thought this too. We went home from vacation and spent 3 months finishing our home in WI and while doing that we searched for a home here.  My oldest daughter found the house we are in and we put money down on it BEFORE we had our home in WI on the market and before my husband even had a job.

God is absolutely amazing! 

The story is amazing and if I could write it all out here I would.  

My husband was offered a job 2 weeks before we were set to leave and we sold our home on the 6th day we were on the market.

Everything worked out perfectly!  

From the time we went on vacation to the time we moved to Mesa it was just 18 weeks! 

Ask me to tell you the WHOLE story!!



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